Kit Ling received her PhD in Cultural Studies from Lingnan University. Under the supervision of Prof Megan Morris and Prof Chan Shun Hing, her thesis reviewed Ageing Women's Activism in Hong Kong. Upon graduation, Kit Ling starts her teaching career as a "Critical Pedagogy" practitioner at The Polytechnic University of HK- The Hong Kong Community College. She is happy to teach subjects related to Feminism, Gender and Sexuality issues; Cultural Studies and Activism; and promoting community engagement projects. Recently, she completed her research project on "Crafting gender and sexuality identities at higher education" in exploring how abstinence-only sex education may do harm to young women in Hong Kong. She is now the Chairperson of The Association for the Advancement of Feminism. She is interested in doing research on the activism of the marginalized such as sex workers, sexual minorities and migrant workers.